previous clients and projects

Below, you'll find a list of some projects that I previously worked on. As well as the names of the clients and a short description of the project.


These are not in-order and more will be added as they are revealed on my Twitter.


The goal was to be colorful yet minimal, so I went with a more abstract route for the design. Mostly made up of 2D shapes with some moving in a 3D plane, and multi-colored lines moving around the composition, the overall outcome was a fun and contrasting design that captures Kamaniki's personality.


Basing it off the character design that was given to me, I designed and animated the stream start card, overlay, chatting screen, and transition with a bit of techy/modern components but overall cute and colorful!


Created a set of stream graphics centered around the keywords "comfy", "pink", and "flowers". I designed and animated the stream Start and End cards, BRB screen, overlay, and transition!


An intro for their videos. I worked on animations while the design elements are made by Jack/Melonturtle.


Created a stinger transition for their streams. Colors and design motifs are based off of their character colors and other designs made by Tofumang himself.


Worked on stream Start and End cards as well as their overlay. Complementing their new character design's colors as well as their channel logo as of the time the designs were made.

hoshinova moona

I worked on a stream overlay and background screen, with a space theme and the colors having a mix of purple and cyan to make her character stand out more.


I designed and animated the stream Start and End cards, as well as create an intro video and transition for them. The theme being centered around a rhythm game named "Voez".



I designed a full streaming graphics package for Fiwi. The theme was a starry theme with the colors of purple and blue, there are also shooting stars that rain down on the sky.


A stinger transition and "Be Right Back" screen with bright and colorful reds, greens, and yellows complementing their OC's design.


I worked on a stream graphics package for Yenkoes. A very minimalist design with the main focus being the bright and cheerful colors complimenting her character design.


A fresh set of stream graphics for Auteru. Featuring a natural look, with the colors teal, yellow, and brown, along with plants and bird motifs to compliment her character design!